Partners Program FAQs

What is OnePlace?

OnePlace is a revolutionary tool designed with the well-being of families in mind, and it offers an incredible opportunity for childcare providers and schools like yours.

At its core, OnePlace streamlines the management and connection between parents and their multiple service providers—everything from internet companies to gardeners—in one intuitive platform. We recognize the daily challenges parents face, and our solution alleviates the stress of juggling multiple responsibilities.

More than just an app, our Partners Program provides dual benefits: It introduces a tangible, cost-free perk for your staff and parents, fostering their satisfaction and loyalty to your organization while enhancing their overall quality of life.

With OnePlace, you can offer a direct solution to everyday challenges, reinforcing your institution’s commitment to the well-being of its community.

How does OnePlace ensure the data and information of our staff and parents are kept secure?

OnePlace employs advanced security methods and follows industry best practices to ensure that all user data, including that of your staff and parents, remains secure and confidential. Regular security audits are conducted to maintain the highest level of data protection.

Are there any costs involved in joining the Partners Program?

No, joining the Partners Program is completely free for childcare providers and schools. Our objective is to offer your staff and parents value and ease without any financial burden on your institution.

What happens after the free access period (two years for staff and one year for parents) expires?

After the free access period, users will transition to OnePlace’s standard subscription model. However, special discounts or extended trial periods may be negotiated for partners.

How does the referral system work? Is there a limit on how many people can use our referral codes?

Each partner receives two unique referral codes: one for staff and one for parents. These codes can be distributed freely among your community. There’s no limit on the number of users. As many of your staff and parents can use them as needed within the designated free access period. The only limits are:
1) Users can only use one partner code at any time, and
2) Referral codes cannot be used more than once.

Are there any training or onboarding sessions available for our staff and parents to familiarize themselves with the app?

Yes, we can provide onboarding webinars and tutorials to help users get started with OnePlace. Additionally, our website has a resource section with user guides and FAQs.

How does OnePlace handle customer support and queries from our staff and parents?

OnePlace has a dedicated customer support team available through We ensure that all queries and issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

How does the yearly partnership review process work? What criteria are considered?

The yearly review evaluates the overall satisfaction of the partner with the program, the utilization rate among staff and parents, and any feedback or concerns. Both OnePlace and the partner collaboratively discuss these aspects to determine the partnership’s future direction.

Is there a way for us to track the usage or adoption rate of the app among our staff and parents?

Upon request, OnePlace can provide partners with reports highlighting the adoption rate, user activity, and other relevant metrics to gauge the app’s effectiveness within your community.

Are there any specific commitments or responsibilities we need to uphold as a partner?

Partners are expected to promote OnePlace among their community to ensure maximum benefits for their staff and parents. Apart from that, there are no binding commitments. However, the usage of referral codes should be in line with our guidelines.

How does OnePlace differentiate itself from other service management platforms in the market?

OnePlace is designed with a user-first approach, ensuring intuitive navigation and a seamless experience. Our platform consolidates a wide range of services, making it a comprehensive solution for users. Additionally, our dedication to security and customer support sets us apart from other platforms.

Can we opt-out of the partnership before the end of the one-year duration?

Yes, partners can opt out anytime they wish. However, terminating the partnership will also deactivate all distributed referral codes. Users who already used the referral codes will not lose their benefits.

In case of termination or ending the partnership, how is the data of users who joined through our referral handled?

In the event of partnership termination, OnePlace adheres to strict data privacy regulations. User data is kept confidential and is not used for any other purposes. Users have the option to continue using OnePlace as regular subscribers or to delete their accounts.

Will our institution’s logo or name be used in OnePlace’s marketing or promotional materials?

We respect our partners’ branding choices. Whether we use your logo or name in our promotions is entirely your decision. If granted permission, we’ll adhere to your guidelines; if not, we won’t include it. Your preference is paramount.

If we decide not to renew the partnership after one year, will our staff and parents be automatically charged for using OnePlace?

No, users won’t be automatically charged. After the free access expires, users will be notified and given the option to continue with OnePlace under its standard subscription model. It’s their choice to proceed or discontinue.

What happens if there’s a technical issue or bug with the app? How quickly are such issues addressed?

OnePlace has a dedicated technical team that promptly addresses any reported issues. We prioritize any glitches or problems reported by our users and usually resolve them within 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity.

How regularly is the OnePlace app updated? Will users be informed of new features or changes?

OnePlace is updated regularly based on user feedback, technological advancements, and market trends. Users are notified of major updates, and new features are often accompanied by guides or tutorials to assist them.

Are there any plans for OnePlace to expand its list of service providers or integrate with other platforms in the future?

Yes, OnePlace is constantly looking to expand its network of service providers and integrate with other relevant platforms to offer users a holistic experience. We value feedback from our partners and users to guide these integrations.

How does OnePlace handle feedback or suggestions from users?

Feedback is invaluable to us. We have channels in place for users to provide feedback directly within the app. Users can also provide feedback by emailing Our team reviews all suggestions, and many are implemented as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

In the event that our institution faces financial or reputational challenges, how would this affect our partnership with OnePlace?

OnePlace evaluates partnerships based on mutual value and alignment with our mission. While we’re sympathetic to external challenges faced by our partners, the continuation of the partnership would be assessed on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that it remains beneficial for both parties.

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